World of Warcraft TBC Rogue Levelling Guide


One of the most intriguing classes on the World of Warcraft platform for both PVP and PVE is Rogue. Despite what the other players think, it provides a genuine utility for dealing single-target damage on mobs or in raid scenarios. Combat is its strongest build for maximizing the DPS output that it carries for PVE battles. With the help of its strong offensive cooldowns and talents that are centered around maximizing the damage output, it is the best option in The Burning Crusade. In the following guide, we will show you an efficient path that leads from levels 1 to 70 as quickly as possible. So, let’s begin this WoW TBC Rogue levelling guide! Need More WoW Classic TBC Gold? P2PAH Will Be The Best Choice!

TBC Rogue: Talent Specializations

Rogue has a total of three talent trees; Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety. However, we recommend that you either level up with Subtlety for better survivability approaches or Combat for higher damage output. That’s why we will only highlight these two talent trees.

Combat Talent Specialization is quite viable with regards to offensive abilities, such as Adrenaline Rush and Blade Fury. In addition, Combat is also the fastest way to level up your Rogue character, but do keep in mind that this specialization carries only a few survivability talents. In simpler words, if you are looking to level up in groups, or you want to contribute towards DPS, then Combat is the best option to choose.

Subtlety is more of a PVP specialization because it centers around survivability and utility. If you like being a solo player, and you’re not going to focus on a dungeon, then Subtlety is a great option to choose for this wow TBC rogue levelling guide. Yes, the damage output won’t be as better as the Combat spec, but you will have many defensive tools that allow you to survive in tough situations.

TBC Rogue: Levelling Talents & Strategies

Let’s start with Riposte, which is an incredible ability that can be used for levelling. In addition, you could always obtain Deflection to add a survivability bonus. Riposte disarms the enemy target for six seconds, and it costs only 10 energy points. Blade Fury is more of an ability that makes or breaks pulls while levelling up. Generally, Rogues don’t have any cleave, but with this talent, you can kill multiple mobs swiftly. It also has an insane burst in dungeons, and if you pair it with Eviscerate, then the burst damage that you yield will drastically increase. Adrenaline Rush helps to provide a 100% energy regeneration rate for about 15 seconds, and it totals up to 150 energies. You can pair it with Blade Flurry to increase its burst damage. Dirty Tricks helps to increase the range of your Blind and Sap abilities. Doing so will allow you to Sap your targets without being seen, and the talent alone can improve life’s quality while levelling up. The reason is that you can split multi pulls into a single one.

Ghostly Strike is an amazing ability that can be used on cooldowns to act as an alternate talent to Sinister Strike or Hemorrhage. It provides 15% dodge for a total of 7 seconds on the clock after use. Preparation helps to reset the cooldown timer on Sprint, Vanish, Evasion, Premeditation, Shadow Step, and Cold Blood while providing you with the surviving opportunity to solo elite mobs with ease. Shadow Step acts as one of your strongest abilities that can be used in PVP scenarios. In any case, if you are levelling in an open PVP server, then this ability is a must-have to closing the gap between your enemy target.

TBC Rogue: Professions

It’s always efficient to level your professions while you are levelling your character, and the easiest one would be Skinning, Herbalism, First Aid, or Mining. First Aid is kind of mandatory because it benefits in saving you from situations that are hard to deal with. There are also other professions that you can consider, such as Enchanting, Leatherworking, or Engineering, but they are quite time-consuming. We recommend that you gather and save the materials that you obtain while levelling up – if you are going for any of the previously mentioned professions.

TBC Rogue: Gear & Stat Priority

Your weapon should always be at the priority because it acts as a vital part of your gear that can be upgraded for tbc rogue levelling spec. Since the ability Sinister Strike is a little based-off for primary-hand weapon damage output, you would likely want to consider a slow main hand. You may also want to consider a fast off-hand because of the Combat Potency ability, or generally for the benefit of having additional poison procs for tbc rogue levelling spec. You will need to keep Hit and Agility gear as your stat priority because the heavy hand of your damage will likely come from auto-attacks, as well as the abilities that miss at the lower levels of the gameplay.