Runescape IMob – Cockroach Soldier

My second chapter in the iMob series that focuses on various mobs in the game that are worthwhile to farm.
Cockroach Soldier

Not the most popular monster in Runescape, quite a few players I bump into have no idea they exist. They can only be found inside the Stronghold of Player Safety which is located just south of Edgeville; the normal entrance is in the middle of barbarian village. For more information on the stronghold you can refer to the original Jagex article found here:

Here are a few facts about the monster so you can better decide your method of farming.
Combat Level of 83 96 Hitpoints (One of the higher hp mobs, especially on F2P) Passive Aggro Weak to Crushing attacks Strong against Slash attacks Maximum Melee Damage 7 Maximum Range Damage 11 Recommended combat level of 80+ Multi Combat Area Charms (Gold, Blue, Green, and Crimson. Crimson with highest drop rate)

Cockroach Soldiers have well over 60+ drops in their loot table, I will list the most valuable below
Rune Scimitar Rune Square Shield 1-60 Law Runes Gems (Sapphire to Emerald. Bring a chisel) Ore (Mithril through to Rune. 3x Noted Mith ore is very common, great drop rate) Seeds (Ranarr, Snapdragon) Level 2 Cluescrolls (Much better drop rate here : Half Of Key Shield Left Half

As with anything you do in Runescape the trick is to maximize profit vs. cost. Here are items and methods that may help you on your way. To farm these monsters I would advise at least the following items:
Rune armour or better. Strongest weapon available (Cockroaches are very defence based, high dmg helps) Lobsters or better for food Glory Ammy (Optional) Experience with clue scrolls The best method to do this is have a few Glory Amulets and teleport back to Edgeville at the end of each run. If you don’t have a Glory Amulet the exit from the stronghold is very close to Edgeville and will only add a few seconds to your journey. These mobs are pretty straight forward; the main threat is the ranged attack they have. As a melee attacker (full metal gear etc) you can take up to 11 damage if you move more than 2 squares away while in combat with a Cockroach Soldier. Many times I run away from them to grab loot and get hit with a 10 damage ranged attack, that’s basically 1 lobster worth of healing so every time I’m stupid enough to do it I basically pay 250gp. Stupidity can get expensive if you can’t control it. The best thing about the Cockroach Soldiers is the Mithril ore (notedx3) and rune drops, both are quite frequent.