New World Best PVP And PVE Weapons


From mighty hatchets to shiny gauntlets, there are various items to consider while choosing your very own weapon setup in the New World. These weapons play a vital role in surviving the cutthroat gameplay where you encounter deadly threats in Aeternum to determine your character’s potential.

Weapons are divided into various tiers depending upon the character’s playstyle. For instance, S-Tier includes Hatchets and Life Staves. A-Tier includes Fire Staves, Great Axes, Swords & Shields, and Void Gauntlets. B-Tier includes Ice Gauntlets, Spears, and War Hammers. And, C-Tier includes Bows, Muskets, and Rapiers.

Weapon types are equally easy to come by, as you’ll be given a sword & shield during the Prologue quest. However, once the game opens up, you’ll find yourself opting for improved new world weapons.

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Despite the fact that hatchets lack finesse when compared to other melee weapons, it’s a beast in terms of dealing damage. Thus, making it one of the most desirable PVP weapons. If you’re heading down the Berserker Mastery Road, you’ll have an advantage thanks to the key skill that heals your character. Pairing it with a Life Staff is a wise choice because that way you can damage and heal at the same time while battling against powerful foes.

Life Staff

Life Staff is no doubt the best magical weapon in the game. It’s the only item that holds the ability to heal your team members, while also providing potential support when wielded. How? Well, it holds offensive damaging capabilities too for new world weapons. You wouldn’t want to approach an endgame boss without a Life Staff wielder in your party.

Fire Staff

Fire Staff focuses entirely on offensive damaging. It’s an absolute endgame choice for players who wish to deal pure damage upon their enemies, for new world best weapons. If you’re looking to build your character with a classic mage arch-type, who supports and plays a vital role in the offense, then a Fire Stall is a must-have for you. It’s worth noting that a Fire Staff is more offensive than a Life Staff.

Great Axe

Also known as the fastest two-handed melee weapon in the New World, the Great Axe has the potential to balance damage and speed at the same time. It’s not as smooth as working with a one-handed new world best weapons, but with constant practice and help from the Mauler Mastery Tree, you can increase its AOE and Attack Range.

Swords & Shields

Swords & shields are categorized as one-handed melee weapons, but as they’re always paired together, they’re indicated as one. While hatchets focus more on inflicting damage, the mentioned pair is known to players as a classic tank setup. In simpler words, it allows you to deal damage while also protecting you from incoming attacks; however, it does compromise your attack speed. PVP experienced players may need to know their way around it, but PVE experienced players can easily outclass power mobs.

Void Gauntlet

Also known as the first weapon that was introduced in the New World, Void Gauntlet is quite similar to an Ice Gauntlet, which also means that it’s a perfect weapon to pair with a Life Staff to create a powerful build. These Gauntlets balance melee and ranged void damage, while also offering healing abilities, making it perfect if you want to play as a mage or in a support role for new world weapon types.

Ice Gauntlet

Ice Gauntlet makes an extraordinary secondary weapon to have while battling against a powerful foe. It has the ability to regenerate your mana points, which can then be utilized to support your other primary magical weapons. Besides that, it holds a good defensive back up if you’re playing with a two-handed melee weapon for new world weapon types.


Spears have a good advantage in the strong weapon category. It offers decent offensive damaging attributes, while also possessing the ability to stun the enemies with knockback. However, unfortunately, the PVP foes cannot be fooled by Spears as they’re known for their tactics.

War Hammer

War Hammer isn’t on par with the Great Axe, but it’s a formidable weapon depending upon the preferred build. You can’t solely rely upon a War Hammer for damaging because its attack speed is slow, but if you end up pairing it with a secondary weapon like the Ice Gauntlet, then the drawbacks can be removed.


Not every weapon category in the New World has equal benefits and speaking in terms of ranged weapons, it’s known to be the least useful category. If you look at the bigger picture, Bows are a good choice for making money and exploring PVE locations. Also, with the right patience level and appropriate investment in upgrading the weapon, you can add AOE effects to your arrows to make them more satisfying to utilize.


Muskets have slow reloading rates but it provides a good aim for consistent offensive damage. It’s a good secondary weapon to a primary one in most of the scenarios. If you, along with your team are throwing yourselves at largescale PVP battles, then Muskets are a strong choice of secondary weapons for inflicting great damage.


Rapier is undoubtedly the fastest weapon that deals decent damage, but when you’re against several enemies at the same time, then it can be difficult to handle them with this weapon. It has its limits in PVP, but it’s particularly good while fighting 1 Vs 1 as it offers defensive options that allow you to strike at a perfect opening.