Great Christmas Gifts for a World of Warcraft Player

With Christmas right around the corner, make sure you’re prepared to give your children the gift of Warcraft. In case you didn’t know, World of Warcraft is a MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game). Scratch that – World of Warcraft is THE MMORPG. With over 10 million players online, there’s a high probability that you know someone or know of someone who enjoys the World of Warcraft (more commonly known as WOW). Here are 5 great gift ideas any WOW player would enjoy.
World of Warcraft Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King. $39.99

With the recent release of the new Expansion Pack for the World of Warcraft on 11/13/2008, there has been a stampede to stores all over the world to grab a copy of one of the most anticipated game releases of all time. At 12 A.M. on 11/13, gamers were lined up at various Gamestop stores all over the nation to grab a copy. Picture Black Friday at Wal-mart. Some Gamestop stores were sold out of their pre-orders long before the release date. This is like the Superbowl for WOW players. Although a bit on the expensive side, give this gift to any WOW player and you’ll be in the clear. For about another 2 years. Anyone who currently plays WOW will definitely enjoy this new expansion to supplement their journeys into the world of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Posters. Starting from $5.99

What better budget friendly gift to give to a WOW player than a gigantic poster that stares back at them while they’re gaming or sleeping? Warcraft posters are known to be large and lifelike, some as large as 3′ X 4′. WOW is known for its intricate artistic portrayal of monsters, orcs, warriors, and evil forces. Make it lifelike. So instead, enjoy Christmas with Orcs eating your cookies instead of Santa.

World of Warcraft Novels and Short Stories. Starting from $7.99

Reading isn’t fun? There are many books written about the ancient lore of Warcraft, its origins and history. If someone you know is an avid WOW player, they are sure to be interested in learning more about the Warcraft world that is Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Card Games. Starting from $15.99

The Warcraft trading card game has certainly become increasingly popular as more people catch wind of the most played MMORPG of all time. Similar to the way the Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh card games stormed the gaming world, the trading card games provide fun in a Warcraft setting away from the computer.

World of Warcraft Gaming Card. $29.99

If all else fails, you can always purchase extra gaming time for your favorite WOW player. The Warcraft servers DO cost money to play on, and the blatant fact that even so, there are still 10 million players currently playing is a testament to how powerful and how fun this game actually is. A gaming card will give a gamer 2 extra months of playing time. If you only want to pay for one month of gaming time, you can purchase that online for $15.99. So when your favorite gamer wakes up on Christmas Morning, he can battle the forces of Evil once more. For 2 more months.

Besides these, there are other budget friendly gifts such as calendars, alarm clocks, and even t-shirts and clothing. Warcraft players are easily satisfied. As long as your gift involves a Warcraft theme, they will be pleased that you were thinking of them.

Christmas is a time of giving. Make sure you give the gift of two-headed wolves, orc blood, and dragons. Make sure you give the gift of Warcraft.