Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Review XIX

Recently, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) released a new general catalog line of scents that can’t fail to excite the RPG gamers in all of us. The new RPG line actually offers us a chance to revel in the scents of different races, classes and character alignments. I don’t know about you but Chaotic and Evil suddenly seem a lot more appetizing. So let’s have a peek the first bit of character alignment: Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic.


Scent Description: A flawless skin musk.

Despite a fairly brief scent description, this one sounded particularly exciting. The simplistic skin musk sounded like a good fit for neutral and I suspected this would also lend to layering with the other perfumes. (You can’t just be neutral after all.)

On first sniff, neutral smells quite light and faint and is reminiscent of clean skin. It’s very gentle, and as I sniff I know I have to skin test this to get a real idea of this blend. So without delay, a dab of perfume meets skin. On my skin, it continues that ‘fresh from the shower’ scent. It’s not totally soapy, but rather sharp and clean. There is a sweet note as well, a slightly vanilla cream element. It almost smells like lotion.

As it dries, the perfume settles and the lotion element recedes and I am left with warm and gentle skin musk scent. It’s simple but nice. It’s very fresh and isn’t heavy like some blends can be. It is quite refreshing. And I suspect it will be the perfect scent to layer some chaotic or elf perfume blends on.

Scent Description: Rigid oak, blue chamomile, rhubarb, and fig leaf.

What does doing the right thing and being a generally noble person smell like? Well, from the bottle it seems to smell herbally with a woodsy undertone. It’s like I am picking chamomile flowers in a forest. It’s very earthy and comforting. The more I sniff the blend from the bottle, the more I catch traces of greenery along with the herbs. This is a very communing with nature blend.

On the skin, the oak seems to dominate. Still there is a slightly tart note, which I suspect is some juicy rhubarb and fig leaf. The chamomile softens to a quiet hum of comfort, and totally reminds me of the smell of chamomile tea on a sleepless night.

As it dries, the chamomile is still there, but it is not alone. The fig leaf and rhubarb make themselves known, along with an undercurrent of oak tree. The perfume is well blended and while each waxes and wanes I am left with an overall wandering in the forest kind of feel.

Scent Description: A whirling mélange of multicoloured musks with wasabi, rooibos, heliotrope and mastic.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this perfume. Chaos conjures thoughts of fire, brimstone and sultriness. Demons and demonesses. That said I suspected this would have to be a ‘red’ blend. Yet when the scent description was released, I couldn’t even fathom how wasabi and roobis tea would influence this blend. Could they really be sinister?

Opening the bottle, I am bombarded with musk and red berries. I cannot place the berries, especially as there isn’t any mentioned in the description that I recognize. Still this blend is bright and fruity. The musk is dominant and I suspect it is BPAL’s character red musk. Though whichever musk it is, it blends well with the berries, giving the perfume an essence of a velvet cloud studded with red fruit.

With the perfume is on my skin, the musk and red berries grow even stronger. I cannot differentiate the other notes, but wonder if the sudden spiciness is the wasabi working behind the scenes. It maintains this menacing red scent as it dries, and doesn’t waver from this. It is a nice blend though I suppose I have grown spoiled by the ever-morphing powers of BPAL blends. This one goes on dark red berries and musk, and that is what it stays from start to finish.

Next time, we will have a peek at what dwarven and elven perfumes have in store. In the meantime, roll the dice and take a chance with these fabulous layering RPG perfumes.